netvoip is a next generation telephony solution. Thanks to Voice over IP your calls are routed through our system over the Internet, regardless of whether the person you are calling uses a VoIP solution, standard landline connection or mobile phone.

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Thanks to the voip solution of netvoip, you can call flexibly and independent of the location from the entire world at the same rates. You are not bound to one location and can log on to your account from any device.

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Apart from its' implementation for VoIP solutions, SIP will also be used in the upcoming UMTS generation because of its quality and flexibility, and is hence the first choice when it comes to transmission protocols.

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Possible uses

To call using netvoip various solutions are available to you. You can choose whether to call using a voip telephone, an analogue telephone, your computer or a mobile telephone.

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netvoip technology in use

netvoip provides next generation Voice over IP solutions. The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP for short) combines the quality of current landline services with the possibilities of digital Internet calling. A SIP device logs onto the network similarly to a mobile phone. This ensures that incoming calls are always reaching the correct device.
In contrast to conventional telephony solutions in which a separate line has to be switched for each call, the calls are transmitted using TCP/IP packets. This provides almost unlimited expansion posibilities (video calling, etc.).

Thanks to the advantages brought by Voice over IP technology, you can make phone calls with crystal clear sound quality using netvoip, and at the same time benefit from low-cost call rates.

Freedom to use anywhere

In contrast to conventional landline services, with netvoip you can call from all over the Internet. While security, reliability and ease of use meet or exceed landline standards, the rates are unbeatable and the voice quality is outstanding.
Eventhough netvoip is based on the latest technologies, it is still very easy for you to use. The only thing you need is a broadband Internet connection (from at least 600/100 or 300/300 kbps, symmetrical leased lines from 128kbps).
Thanks to netvoip you can also are not bound to bothersome roaming fees. If you are logged in with your netvoip access in a hotel room in the US (e.g. on your laptop) and you call Switzerland, you will be charged at the regular Swiss rate because you will be making calls from a Swiss landline number.

Technology of the future

netvoip is the phone service of the future. Many companies are already using the popular Voice over IP solution today, and with it they profit from the many benefits of Internet telephony.

The Session Initiation Protocol - SIP for short - combines the quality of previous landline connections with the potential of digital Internet telephony. Its quality and flexibility means that it is compatible with the future UMTS generation, making it the first choice amongst telephony protocols.

Your voip telephone

With a VoIP phone, you can not only make calls, but also profit from various additional services such as caller ID, on-hold, call waiting , call forwarding, conference calls, etc.

VoIP phones are connected directly to the router/network without an adapter and can be used immediately.

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Your analogue or ISDN telephone

A VoIP adapter lets you continue using your analogue telephone as before. Simply connect the router and telephone to the adapter and your connection is all set.

It is easy to install and does not requires any technical knowledge. You can find VoIP adapters in our shop.

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Your mobile telephone

Various applications for mobile phones support SIP protocol. Set up your netvoip account on your mobile phone to be reachable at all times. A softclient allows you to make calls over 3G (UMTS), EDGE or a public or private WLAN.

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Your computer

You can also use your netvoip account on a computer using freely available software (a so called softphone client). The softphone client supports various operating systems and is easy to use.

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