Do you frequently travel abroad or need an easy way to stay in touch with your family and friends while on vacation? Roaming rates can be excessive so your mobile phone might not be the best choice.
With the nearly ubiquitous availability of the Internet through public hotspots there is a cost-effective option of using a VoIP app for your smartphone or tablet: now you can easily make calls from your netvoip account using the Internet!
Take a few minutes to install our app on your mobile device and to permanently cut down on your mobile phone bill!

Your benefits:
  • Complete cost control
  • Instantly available via online registration
  • Flexible prepaid offer
  • Your friends and family can call your netvoip number at local rates while you are abroad
  • Use your personal adress book just as you would when making regular phone calls
  • Your netvoip number will remains free of charge even after your return