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Gigaset C530 IP
Gigaset C530 IP
The wireless, environmentally-friendly VoIP telephone
The cordless Gigaset C530 IP combines the best of different communication pathways: Besides VoIP Internet calling, a landline can also be set up. Besides online services such as Facebook or Twitter, the possibility of displaying e-mails, current news and weather forecasts make the Gigaset C610 IP into more than just a phone.

Thanks to HDSP (High Definition Sound Performance) support, calls can be made in brilliant sound quality via VoIP connections.

The 1.8-inch colour display makes reading e-mails and info services easy. Messages are displayed over up to six lines. During incoming calls the screen switches to large font automatically to display the phone number.

ECO DECT is firmly anchored in the DNA of the Gigaset C530. While in ECO Mode, the device reduces transmission power by 80 per cent. It also controls the transmission power based on the distance between the phone and the transmission base. In ECO Mode Plus, the device is 100% emission-free in standby mode, and only returns to active status when an incoming call comes through. Furthermore, the modern switch-mode power supplies ensure reduced energy consumption.

- 6 SIP accounts
- 1.8-inch TFT colour display
- Convenient hands-free service in brilliant audio quality
- Address book for up to 150 names
- Day/Night mode, time-controlled ringtone deactivation
- Two-way baby monitor
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